thedeadmatrix asked: Your art is do beautiful. What inspires you?

I have an entire blog dedicated to the kinds of things that inspire me. :)

Hidden Burrow

mrscannibal asked: Hey Aranda! I was wondering what kind of paper do you use for your marker and watercolor artwork?


I use these sketchbooks! The mixed media one is great for a splash of watercolor, but terrible for ink. The Bristol Vellum is my favourite and I use it for most things, but is terrible for watercolor.

andworldbuildingtoo asked: Sorry for a stupid question but what Bogle story is about?

Bogle is about a little girl named Cibyl who has a dream where she becomes engaged to the boogeyman in exchange for a wish. When she grows up and he comes to collect her, she realizes the dream was real, and that there is a whole lot more going on than she ever thought.

Taupe, a witch character of mine. She is very eccentric and if she hands you tea that looks like swamp sludge and tastes just as bad, then be happy to drink it. There’s always a good reason for her swamp sludge tea.

Earlier Sketches of my little blackbird demon, Lonan.




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My beautiful friend Aranda (^ arandadill) has this ADORABLE tile print up for sale at her Society6 store! This mug has easily become one of my favourites.


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Oh my gosh Jiji your pictures are so fabulous! Thank you for buying my mug. ♥♥♥

Is the villain the mother figure with the glowing eyes or the shadow apparition?

In the song, Long Lankin is the villian and the nurse is his accomplice. The entire folk song that I worked from can be read here. :)

Raincoat Cat rescues actual cat from the rain.

Character Development sketches from a book I’m working on called My First Storm.

When I was a kid, I really liked bunnies! So that was part of my inspiration for this character.