❁ meet the blogger ❁
name:  Aranda
nickname: Aranda
favourite flower: Sunflowers and Golden Poppies
favourite fruit: Bananas, fresh-picked blackberries. 
favourite ice-cream flavour: Rainbow Sherbet or Coffee
favourite passtime: Being outside, riding my bike, drawing, playing videogames, going on hikes, going on adventures.
day or night: Day~
chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
how do you take you coffee/tea: Coffee, five sugars and a little cream. Tea with one sugar and no cream.
zodiac sign: Taurus on Aries cusp. 
your catchphrase: "I do what I want! *flips table"

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thebluecanary asked: Snow, number 16 please~

Since I drew Moira grown up, why not grown up Luca too! Luca is a quiet person who enjoys the subtle things of life, like crazy straws. 

Guess who got a Twitter! It’s me. I got a Twitter, after much persisting from thebluecanary. Please follow for dry wit, art updates and random thoughts. 

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ktt asked: Moira with #8!

Grown up Moira, but just the same as ever. :)

Anonymous asked: did she like cats?

If you mean Lonan, then no, Lonan highly dislikes cats, what with being a bird. ;)

Anonymous asked: 3, Lonan? c: Thank you!

Lonan is particularly fond of swimming and bathing~

Guess who has a working computer again! ♥ I’m so happy, and now I can make digital art once more!

Got a lot of messages for the color challenge! Thank you for your asks~ I wont be able to do every one of them, but I’ll do many of them, starting with Lonan! :)

Send me a character and a number in an ask! A good weekend project. :)

Decided to contribute to that meme where you draw your cat in a dress. So here’s my 15 month old ball of energy, Toffee, wearing a dress.