The new pokemon character, Serena, ended up having the exact same hair style and color as Cibyl (and even has a red skirt!) so to avoid comparison, I need to make alterations to my lead girl of Bogle. Here’s a concept of Cibyl with shorter, fly-away hair. It gives her an interesting sense of energy, I think.


I drew Cibyl for Aranda~ It was a surprise ~ <3!

So cute and whimsical. ♥

I’ve been recently reminded of an old sketch I did of Stephen and Cibyl and had the inspiration to redraw it! Here’s the old one:


A belated birthday gift for one of my friend and fellow artist: Aranda Dill
This is her character Cibyl from her story “Bogle” with a personal twist of mine. c: Happy birthday honey!
Lots of love. ♡

Texture I used can be found here.

Bigger version on deviantART~

Woah! She loooks stunning!! Oooooho-ooh, one of my character’s with Jimenna’s amazing fashion sense~ Ah Cibs, you look so gorgeous. I love that pattern on her dress. ♥


I was having fun drawing all these little quick sketches of mine and aranda’s characters.  They’re mostly sketches on paper.  Just quick things for fun.  Too tiny and sketchy to be clear enough to post them all.  But I might clean up some more and post them.  Who knows.

Heh, the charmer and the easily charmed.

So cute~

Cibyl doodles

I forgot I did this version of Cibyl.


Well, whenever aranda posts art of Bogle, she always tags it “cartoon art” so I’m taking that as permission for me to count him as my favorite cartoon character.

Okay?  Good.

(So it’s not ‘cheating’ on the question.)

(Totally my favorite cartoon character.)

This is wonderful. I don’t know what I would do if someone actually dressed like Bogle in real life. Love that hip sway hehe.

I saw this dress and these shoes and thought I should draw Cibyl wearing them.