The Legend of Korra, Pottermore and miscellaneous buttons now available in my Storenvy. Korra, Bolin, Pikachu and Ravenclaw are almost gone and will be restocked later.

House Buttons available at Fanime this weekend.


I drew me and Aranda as our potterselves too!  Yeeeeey!

This is so adorable! I love how we are again on the same sides. It’s as if my picture was panel one, and then several panels later, after my owl having seen how comfortable the top of your head looked, went and perched upon it, followed by your cat and this is the panel where I laugh at you while at the same time being endeared by the adorableness of the situation.

Me and my friend thebluecanary as our 11-year-old pottermore selves! I’m the Hufflepuff. :)