I made matching pictures of Cibyl and Cielo so that Aranda and I could have nice matching icons here on tumblr~

Thanks for the lovely new icon dear! ♥



Cielo isn’t quite sure why he has been asked to wear this hat, but is, as always, happy to oblige.

Oh gosh Ambi! Hehehe! Look at that cutey~


Aranda’s been staying over for the last few nights~ I drew this for her ♥

My Cielo and her Piacere (the floating girl).  I got to pick out her clothes~

Look at this sweet picture! Amber draws such a precious-looking Pia~


I drew Cibyl for Aranda~ It was a surprise ~ <3!

So cute and whimsical. ♥


Drew some eyebug expressions to relax for a bit.

Fun fact: the legs of an eyebug are transparent when under water.

I showed Ambi this outfit and she said I should draw her character Orchid in it, so I did! Orchid is from her comic, Rise and Fall.

Some rough character expressions of Thistle, a character I had the honor of designing for The Blue Canary's comic, Rise and Fall.


Well, whenever aranda posts art of Bogle, she always tags it “cartoon art” so I’m taking that as permission for me to count him as my favorite cartoon character.

Okay?  Good.

(So it’s not ‘cheating’ on the question.)

(Totally my favorite cartoon character.)

This is wonderful. I don’t know what I would do if someone actually dressed like Bogle in real life. Love that hip sway hehe.


Cibyl Cameo by =tkay 

A lovely drawing of Cibyl. I love the colors. ♥